About us

Overview of the initiative

The women’s competencies suffer from weak possibilities of developing performances especially in conflict zones due to the lack of opportunities that allow women to distinguish with regard to their own circumstances and family burdens on one hand, and the difficulty of mobility and travel to complete the postgraduate studies or to obtain a job on the other. Technology and the digital world can contribute undoubtedly in reducing and solving these problems. The virtual world has replaced the mandatory need to stay somewhere to accomplish a task, to gain experience or to have an opportunity at a geographically distant company or institution. In this way, women overcome two dilemmas; they do not lose their personal development and progress, and their work does not affect their mission of caring for children and the family in a local cultural environment.

Problems need solutions

Addressing the main reasons for the migration of young minds from their native countries, especially women.
– Keep personal and professional knowledge and development accessible to women in areas affected by conflicts and wars .
– Support and empower women in various scientific and professional fields, particularly in the technology and entrepreneurship sectors.
– Create a balance between women duties in their families and society’s need for high-level women’s competencies in various fields of life.

Proposed solutions and the role of the Tamkeen Initiative

Tamkeen will link the needs of the modern labor market with the networks of scientific knowledge and service providers and the women who can best benefit from them wherever they are while staying in their own country to expand their horizons and experiences among their families and within their community without having to migrate or travel permanently. It will also distribute jobs and localize global opportunities by raising the level of women’s competencies and engaging them more in the digital labor market.

Target audience of the initiative

Young women and university students, and experts aged between 20 and 45 years who need to feed their experience through the knowledge and take advantage of opportunities and global experiences to develop their performance in various areas of knowledge, practice, economics and entrepreneurship.

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